This Vanglo House has an average of 10” of gravel over the site excavation. All concrete within the basement slab and foundation walls has been treated with a crystalline waterproofing system.

In addition to the 10” of drain rock, the foundation walls are lined with a Superseal drainage dimple mat.  The dimples in the membrane create a drainage space keeping100% of the headwater pressure off the face of the wall.


Aggressively engineered to create a house that has the potential to be open concept on all 3 floors.  Without the need for interior structural walls, post or pillars, the house can accommodate any floor plan.

Like the interior, the exterior of the house is designed with clean lines and to be low maintenance.  This unique angulated Standing Seam metal roof by Best West Roofing, is guaranteed for 50 yrs (compared to the usual 15yrs), the oldest known metal roof is 120 yrs old and in great shape.

Extra steps were taken to ensure absolute air tightness to this Vanglo House.  Blueskin BP has been applied to almost the entire house reducing air movement in and out of the home and to keep water out. All exterior wall pertrusions including doors and window were sealed with Tescon Vana Tape.

Doors and windows play a big part in designing an energy efficient home, a Vanglo house features triple pane insulated with additional glass and airspace for improved insulation and soundproofing.


The HRV unit installed is a Venmar AVS EKO 1.5, recovers up to 80 percent of the heating in the outgoing airstream and contains filters to keeps particulates like pollen or dust from entering the house.  This balanced system offers superior indoor air quality and excess humidity control.

This Vanglo house uses blown in recycled fibre-glass in the wall cavities as an economical and sustainable option. The blown in recycled fibre-glass fills any missed gaps reducing air movement within the walls even the odd hard to reach spaces. 

The Rainscreen system offers your home a defence against the elements, our system consists of flashing, bug screen, a steel 'hat track' system and  Engineered Fibre Cement Panels.  


This Vanglo house is situated on a unique lot and designed to take full advantage of its sixty-six feet of sunny southern exposure by laying out a linear floor plan. With a three-bedroom house above, one bedroom self-contained garden suite below and a four hundred square foot flex room, the home totals two thousand two hundred & fifty square feet.

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