Plumbing and Mechanical

A gas powered Viessmann Vitodens 100 condensing boiler generates hot water for the house as well as its heating.  In-floor radiant tubing offers an efficient, comfortable and healthier option for heating this home.


The HRV unit installed is a Venmar AVS EKO 1.5, which recovers up to 80 percent of the heat in the outgoing airstream and contains filters to keep particulates like pollen or dust from entering the house.  For efficiency the unit uses an advanced heat recovery core, using the heat in the outgoing stale air to warm up the incoming fresh air through separate passages, ideal for small to mid-sized homes.  This balanced system offers superior indoor air quality and excess humidity control.


What is a Heat Recovery Ventilation system?


Older homes leak 40% of their energy through gaps in the exterior envelope, as a result new houses are built “airtight”.   But these “drafts” played an important role in the ecosystem of the home, allowing fresh air in and the house to breathe.  Without the ability to breathe, the house risks generating air pollutants and build up of moisture from cooking, washing, showers etc.  At excessive levels, moisture condenses on windows, can cause structural deterioration and will create prime breeding grounds for mold, mildew, fungi, dust mites and bacteria.  All new homes in Vancouver are now fitted with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system to enable the house breathe.


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