Envelope (Air/Weather Tightness)

To ensure absolute air tightness, Blueskin VP has been applied from the roof membrane to the concrete walls below.  This dramatically reduces air movement in and out of the home and keeps water out.  

Blueskin VP is a rubberized asphalt membrane laminated to a Polyethylene film, a self-adhered water resistive airtight membrane.   It's tough and flexible and self-heals if penetrated by nail or screws.  To ensure breathability of the home, Blueskin VP is vapour permeable.

All Joints including, windows, penetrations for electrical, plumbing and mechanical services were sealed with Tescon Vana tape (a super tape).  The Blue Skin VP runs from the exterior of all window openings to the interior side of the framing.  The Tescon Vana tape seals the window to the Blue Skin Vp, creating a non-stop barrier.



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