This Vanglo House has an average of 10” of gravel over the site excavation.  Compact fill - 3/4inch crushed gravel – provides pockets or voids for the water to travel down away from the concrete, avoiding localized hydrostatic pressure. All concrete within the basement slab and foundation walls has been treated with a crystalline waterproofing system.  The product is integral with the concrete and is added at the plant. KIM Krystol stands for ‘Krystol Internal Membrane’.


The system is designed to withstand extreme hydrostatic pressure. 


"When combined with water, the proprietary chemicals react to form millions of needle-like crystals. These crystals grow and fill the capillary pores and micro-cracks in the concrete, blocking the flow of water. As time passes and stresses form new cracks, any incoming moisture causes the crystals to reactivate ­ ensuring continuous waterproofing over the years." (Quote is taken from Kryton's published material) 



KIM (Krystol Internal Membrane) waterproofing mixture in concrete slab

6-14” inches of compact fill

3 inches of EPS Foam under 5” basement slab, insulation value of R12

1" rigid insulation ontop of slab, between radiant tubes and concrete topping mix


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