The Rainscreen system offers your home a defence against the elements.  Our system consists of flashing, bug screen, a steel 'hat track' system and Engineered Fibre Cement Panels.  


Metal flashings with incorporated 'drip' edges redirect water travelling on the exterior surfaces away from doorways, windows, trim, ventilation channels and mechanical penetrations. 


Bug screen simply stops bugs and mini critters from entering behind the facade and setting up nests.


The metal Hat Track System, also referred to as 'strapping' are veritically fastened to the framing of the house.  The hat tracks create a 1 inch air gap between the exterior membrane and the cladding, the gap offers ventilation and an escape route for any incidental water penetration behind the cladding.    


The exterior of this Vanglo House is clad with engineered fibre cement panels.  The panels are attached to the hat tracks with a specialized adhesive. 




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