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Vanglo Sustainable Construction Group Ltd. is an award winning construction management company, established in 2002.


We see each project as an opportunity to lead our industry towards a more environmentally conscious approach to building, with an emphasis on integrated project delivery.  With over 21 years in business, Vanglo has gained a reputation as an “architects’ builder” with architectural technicians on staff, giving us the ability to interpret the true sentiment of a design.


Our approach to building is reflected in continuous commissions including multi-family dwellings, custom home builds, and commercial tenant improvements.


Our highly-skilled team hold key industry accreditations including: a Passive House Canada Tradesperson (specialising in building envelope & services), Building Engineering Technologist and Red Seal Journeyman carpenters. 


At Vanglo, we take great care in understanding the science behind what we build.

"We never assume everyday practices are the best practices" 



Martin Warren (Principal),

is in involved in all aspects of pricing/prime & sub contract negotiations/pre planning/ongoing coordination and will be omni present throughout your build. Martin has over 25 years in the construction industry and started Vanglo in 2002.

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Ben Senior,

has been with Vanglo since 2009 and holds the position of Senior Site Manager, Ben has an Architectural Building Engineering Technologies Diploma from BCIT. Ben has a hands-on style and spends part of his day coordinating the site crew, sub contractors and managing the sites.


Neil Johnson,

has been with Vanglo since 2010 and holds the position of General Manager. Neil has a diploma in Architectural Technologies and a Passive House certification in building envelope and services. Neil is involved in conducting meetings with the project consultants; finalizing details with sub-trades and fabricators; and project planning with the Site Managers.


Gordon Baron,

has been with Vanglo since 2019, and holds the position of Lead Carpenter.  Gordon is a Journeyman carpenter with over 17 years experience in construction.  Gordon is a hands on constructor, always wearing a tool belt.  Exceptional builder of modern homes with exacting standards, from foundation footings to the roof parapet.


Envelope Consultant - Pacific Rim Architecture Ltd

"It was a pleasure to work with both of you on the residence at 135 East 17th Avenue, Vancouver, BC. 

The quality of work and attention to detail I have not seen for many years. 

It was also a pleasure to inspect the envelope work as you had paid attention to sequencing and lapping materials in the best practice manner. Where unique issues occurred I found your cooperation in finding the best solution refreshing. 

As an architect I found your work exceptional especially in the fine details. As an envelope consultant I found your work well executed and had no problem certifying the project."


Peter Padley.

"I first met the Vanglo team when they came to the aid of our prefabrication factory to help us complete a modern new house and an innovative apartment building to meet deadlines. I was impressed with their competence and enjoyed their involvement. I then viewed the house they completed on East 17th Ave, designed by Oliver Lang (LWPAC). It was very impressive in terms of finish quality and problem solving to get the best out of materials and manufacturers. They stretched the normal comfort zone of the window/door company, for instance, to achieve a better designed door system for the living area, and rethought the cladding system to maximize efficiency of application.

Since then we have worked on several projects together. They were my chosen contractors to renovate my offices. As you might expect, the exacting perfection of these spaces is a showroom for my architecture, so I chose carefully from a dozen contractors I have worked with. 

I look forward to doing the next new house together in Vancouver, if possible. They are extremely thoughtful, careful, and tenacious in getting things right, and have expertise in green building technologies. More importantly for me, they understand the tight tolerances of building a minimalist, modern house.  Their trades are congenial, attentive to instructions, and they all work together very well as a tight team.

Martin Warren, the principal, is level headed and well organized, leading his team with an appreciation of shared and differing skills. I thoroughly recommend Vanglo for new residential, as well as interiors and light commercial projects."

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