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Vanglo collaborated with Preform Construction and TC Construction to deliver Intelligent City's groundbreaking multifamily prefab building, Vanglo contributed to the construction within the factory and moved on to the finishing once the units were installed.


The Monad project brings several innovations to the construction industry and the marketplace, residential levels 200-400 (all levels above the retail) are fully prefabricated off-site. Construction time is greatly reduced within a controlled environment, with intense focus on maximising the efficient use of resources. 

Monad is a first to bring multi story off-site prefabrication to Vancouver, using fully engineered wood frame modular construction.  Monad is one of a first to combine the best of LEED Gold, Passive House and Living Building standards for this typology, dramatically reducing energy consumption with zero on site CO2 emissions.
Fully leveraging a 33’ wide building site, the same size as a standard single family lot in Vancouver. (LWPAC)


by: Intelligent City Research and Development


Architect: LWPAC

Photography: Nic Lehoux

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