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Vanglo selected this site within Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood to design a home that sets the tone for conscientious development.  This award winning home includes green development materials and processes:


  • early adoption of a 95% recycling process of the existing structure - pre regulation.

  • incorporating comprehensive envelope details, including triple glazed windows, Blue Skin VP membrane and high insulation values. 

  • designed for multi generational use, the house strives for sustainability through adaptability.  All 3 floors of this single family home and garden suite are engineered to be open plan. This offers the future occupant the choice to reconfigure the floor plan to suit their needs.

  • First ENERGY STAR Certified home in Vancouver.


“Designed to strike a fine balance between simple elegance and engaging playfulness.” Oliver Lang, Architect

Architect: LWPAC

Interior design: Vanglo + LWPAC

Photography: Ema Peters

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